Barcelona & Catalonia skatemap

NOTICE! Application does not work without Google login. Allow popups and refresh the page on first time to log in.

About this map:
This map is for the whole Catalonia. It's often prefered as Barcelona skatemap, because Barcelona have endless spots and it's more search engine optimized.

Instructions are below the map. Application is made for pc. However, it should also work on mobile. Use modern browser for the best experience. All spots are synchronized in realtime between mobile and browser applications. In other words, admins check the spots after publishing. We give bans for mean people.

Total amount of spots in the map:


Total amount of spot adders:


Your spots:


Top 10 spot founders:


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Fadings opacity: 30%


Allow popups to sign in with Google and initialize the application.

Click the markers to open a small infowindow with spot's title, description and image. You can open larger popup infowindow by clicking the small infowindow. Popup contains all information about the spot and abilities to edit the spot. You can add an image by a) clicking the choose file field, b) drag the image file to the field or c) take a screenshot and press paste button (ctrl + v). You can open images on full screen by double clicking.

In the mapview, you can add a spot by right click. If you are on the Mobile device you can add a spot by triple tapping the map. Spot location is the location of last tap. On computer Pressing ctrl and tripleclicking the map opens the clicked position in Google Maps.

You can filter the spots with checkboxes above the map. Filtering affects the map and search bar. Search bar is in top right corner of your screen. You can check the "Wide search" and "include description" checkboxes to customize the search bar.

Faded spots have markers with less opacity. You can change the opacity amount. You can fade the spots from popup dialog's button. In mapview you can fade spot in computer by right clicking the marker. You can use this feature to plan the tour. You can get the fading file and send it to your friend. Fading file can be opened in browser and Android application. While opening the file, you can choose if you want to combine or overwrite the fadings.

Spots added by you have black dot in their markers'.

You can browse spots also in the listview by clicking the "Open the spotlist" button. More instructions on listview. You can use the listview to quickly browse the nearby spots. Or select custom city and browse the spots by distance.

Puhelimella suositellaan laittamaan selaimen asetuksista tietokonesivusto käyttöön. Lisäksi kannattaa kokeilla, mikäli sivu skaalautuu paremmin puhelin vaakatasossa.

Best spotkings have opportunity do create a nickname. You can have your nickname to decorate top 10 list (requires at least 5 spots). The nickname field are visible when you are in top 10 spot adders list.

For more info check the Android app's instructions. Browser app should have the same features.

Shortcut buttons:

  • Ctrl + i - open the issue board
  • Ctrl + j - open the spotlist
  • Ctrl + k - set focus to spot search bar
  • Ctrl + l - set focus to coordinates search bar
  • Ctrl + v - paste a screenshot to a spot or new issue (you can crop it after pasting)
  • Space bar - change the map type between regular and satellite
  • Esc - close all open popups, including the spotlist
  • Arrow keys - next or previous image. Click the popup once to give it a focus.
  • xClose only larger infowindow. Clicking the dark backgroud closes both infowindows.


    Your personal notes about the spot will appear here. Click to edit.


    Add a new spot

    Add a spot. No characters . $ # [ ] / ' or new lines. All fields must be filled and name must be unique. Please tell about the spot type, bust factory, no-skateboarding-time, roughness and everything that picture can't tell.

    xClose only larger infowindow. Clicking the dark backgroud closes both infowindows.



    Crop the image

    your image

    xSulje vain tämä infoikkuna tästä. Taustaa klikkaamalla suljet myös kartan pienet infoikkunat.

    Add an issue

    Add new spot for a lookout.

    No characters . $ # [ ] / \" \\ \' or new lines.

    All fields must be filled and name must be unique. You also have to add an image for the issue.

    Spot's title

    Spot's description

    No image


    Change issue state or delete the issue

    In this view you can mark your issue as lost or found. Issued spots marked as found have pink backgroud on their image. Those will be automatically removed after 2 days.

    You can also delete the issue from the list.

    xPalaa karttanäkymään

    "Where is this?"-list

    This is an issue board, also know as list of the lost spots.
    You can add here screenshots and little description about spots you want to find. Include at least some information for location. Admins checks the found spot in the map and edits link in issue's description. Admins also will change the image background to pink. After couple of days the issue will be removed.
    You can delete your own issues and report any issue.
    You can comment on spots. For example, you can comment a link to found spot.
    The list can handle maximum of 300 spots. Issues are removed within 1 month from adding. The list is ordered by an issue creating time.

    xReturn to mapview

    The Spotlist

    Spotlist shows all spots on screen, while openin list.
    Filtered categories doesn't affect here.
    Distances and angles are calculated from center of the screen.
    Compass arrow points to direction of the spot when north is on top of the map.
    Click image to open spot details. Click other part of item to show the spot on map.
    Search in this view uses descriptions also.
    Calculations are direct distances, life is easier for birds.